30ft Ornamental Windmill

30ft Ornamental Windmill

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Aluminum Windmill has a 72inch Fan with a 84inch base.  WILL NEVER RUST! Structure is aluminum with stainless steel nuts and bolts.


    This is the one that will set you apart . This windmill is 8 ft. taller than the next smaller size. It becomes a landmark for miles around. Also included with this model are the vesconite bushings in place of bearings. Vesconite is a self lubricating material that lasts longer than steel bearings and doesn't require any kind of lubrication. Set this monument up then sit back and take pride in what you have and the quality that goes along with it.

    These Aluminum Windmills are high-quality , top of the line , good looking ,ornamental windmills. Structure is Aluminum with stainless steel nuts and bolts. WILL NEVER RUST! All windmills come with decal tape on the fan blade tips and tail fin. The decal tape comes in two colors RED or GREEN w/YELLOW pin stripes. Windmills come with anchors to secure to the ground. 


    Fan: 72"

    Base: 84"


    Package Sizes

    Box 1: 3" x 7" x 166" - 95 lbs

    Box2: 74" x 7" x 74" - 108 lbs

Blade Tips and Tail Fins